Florida Department of Education - Turlington building

Delta installed 3,000+ drops in the nineteen story Turlington Building. This project consisted of replacing workstation voice/data cabling on every floor and was done while the building was occupied and operational.

Florida Division of Emergency Management - Emergency Operations Center

Delta installed approximately 600 Category 6 drops and a distributed KVM system. This was a challenging fast track project with a short deadline, requiring close coordination with the many other trades working in a relatively small space at the same time.

Sallie Mae Loan Servicing Center Marianna

Delta installed over 2,300 Category 5e drops (using 500,000 feet of cable) in Sallie Mae's Marianna call center.

Leon County School Board

Delta Technologies has been working for Leon County School Board (LCSB) since 1995. During this time, Delta was the structured cabling contractor for the following new schools:

  • Ghazvini Learning Center
  • J. Michael Conley Elementary School
  • Montford Middle School
  • Bond Elementary School

In addition to the new schools, Delta has also installed over 1,000 network drops in two new buildings at Chiles High School and completely rewired Lincoln High School and SAIL High School. Besides new installations, we also do MAC (moves, adds & changes), and service/repair work at all of LCSB's facilities.

More recently, Delta has been installing projectors, LCD televisions, interactive white boards (Promethean) and classroom audio systems (Lightspeed) district-wide in all fifty-five schools. We have also installed CCTV cameras in all of LCSB's facilities (averaging 20 to 30 cameras per site).

Tallahassee Community College

For the last twelve years, Delta has worked extensively with TCC. During this time, we installed the structured cabling in the following buildings:

  • Parking Garage
  • Center for Workforce Development
  • History and Social Sciences Building
  • Computer Technology Building
  • Learning Commons

We have also done extensive work on TCC's campus network having installed outside plant multi-pair cable and outside plant optical fiber cable throughout the campus.

Additionally, Delta has and continues to handle all of the moves, add & changes and service/repair of TCC's structured cabling system.

The services we provide to TCC have expanded to include installation and service of their CCTV system and access control system. Delta installed CCTV and access control systems in the following as they were built:

  • Center for Workforce Development
  • The Fine & Performing Arts Center
  • Northwest Annex (3 buildings)
  • Student Union Remodel (2nd floor east)
  • New Mail Room
  • Learning Commons

Florida Public Safety Institute

Delta Technologies installed the structured cabling systems in the following buildings:

  • Residence Hall
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Cafeteria
  • Classroom Building
  • New Administrative Building
  • Range Building

We also cabled the Old Dorms, and installed all outside plant multi-pair cabling and optical fiber campus wide.

In addition to the structured cabling systems, Delta also installed the CCTV system and access control system through out the campus, and is currently handling all moves, adds, changes and service/repair work.